hi, this is my webbed site, as you might have guessed from the title.

it's currently a BIG work in progress™ thing (again) since i decided to start over AGAIN. (oh and I ran out of ideas again please help me qwq)

by the way, I now have a publically available page where you can see what I like to listen to. The inspiration for that was a request from one of my friends (@gumo@catcatnya.com, actually), since they wanted to know what I'm listening to, and I won't be happy with a spotify playlist on its own, because I wanted to add some commentary (and spotify won't let you do that).
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one of my projects I did recently is the Battery Estimate Calculator. (it's just a simple site calculating how long your battery would last based on the runtime until now and how full your battery is/was and such - simple stuff.)
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another one of my projects actually is a Tom Scott "I'm currently here at" Generator. It's something where you can pick a background image and Tom Scott is laid over that picture. btw, sorry, but it's desktop-only right now (but i'll fix that soon! c:)
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